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How can I be sure the paper I order will be of use?

Simple! Just read some of it before you order! Look through our paper list and write us an email to tell us which paper(s) you're interested in! Within just a few hours, we'll respond to your letter with a free, one page excerpt from those same report(s)!.....Even if you have a question about the theme, content, or focus of one of our papers, just let us know and we'll respond... TODAY!  MusicEssays.Com is confident enough in our own work that we'll proudly disclose samples, excerpts, and respond to queries about our no charge! Ask us anything!!!

How much do these papers cost?

Any of the existing reports on our paper list are priced at only $9.95 per page with a free bibliography!  To be fair, a "page" is defined as 225 words in standard Courier New 12 pt font with 2.0 spacing. Customized research (where you tell us what specifically to help you write about) adheres to the same formatting regulations and is still only $19.95/ page! Content and turnaround time are always... GUARANTEED!  

Music is not the only course I'm taking this semester....Where could I get help with other subjects?

Just go to the paper links section above!!  Many of the sites on our list feature over 25,000 research papers and essays covering virtually every topic imaginable! MusicEssays.Com is owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., Established in 1994, T.P.S. is the Internet's largest provider of academic research assistance and our network of student help sites collectively features more paper topics than ANYONE in the world! The Paper Store's corporate offices are located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, New Jersey and can be contacted during regular business hours by calling 1-800-90-WRITE or 1-609-518-7811.  Please reserve any specific questions about particular papers found on this site for email as our telephone representatives deal primarily in corporate affairs and general customer service matters. Questions concerning specific papers can be addressed more thoroughly via email so that a knowledgeable writer can take a few moments to look over and evaluate the file in which you're interested...  

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